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Would you like to submit a book review for possible inclusion on iFPHC Seen in Print?

Email us at with the author and title of the book you would like to review, plus the reason why you think it belongs on iFPHC Seen in Print.

Who may write a book review for iFPHC Seen in Print? If you have read a book, have cogent and well-formed opinions about it, and don’t have a conflict of interest (sorry, mothers, you can’t review your son’s book), you’re eligible!

What books are eligible for consideration for review on iFPHC Seen in Print? Books by or about Pentecostals are eligible! Our interests are as broad as the Pentecostal movement itself. We are interested in books from all countries, in all languages, both hot-off-the-press and out-of-print, and published by individuals as well as by publishing houses. Priority is given to books concerning Assemblies of God history.

What guidelines must be followed? See existing reviews on iFPHC Seen in Print for proper format. Reviews must contain correct grammar and spelling and must be in English. This is not a forum for debate of core doctrines (if you want to argue about the Assemblies of God’s Statement of Sixteen Fundamental Truths, go elsewhere). The staff of the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center reserves the right to reject any submission at its discretion.

The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center does not provide review copies of books. Only reviews of books held by the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center will be posted on iFPHC Seen in Print.