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Review: Chit-Chat

Chit-Chat, by Dorothy Fae (Tubbs) Noah; edited by J. Naaman Hall. Springfield, MO: J. Naaman Hall, 2010.

Chit-Chat, by Mrs. Dorothy Noah, is a behind-the-scenes look at the people and goings on at Oak Cliff Assembly in Dallas during the last eight years that her husband, H. C. Noah, pastored the church (1970-1978). Each week in the church bulletin she would report on bits and pieces of news regarding various people and families in the church. She recorded engagements, weddings, births, deaths, visitors, and many humorous events in the daily lives of the church family. She maintained the idea that a church is not just composed of a pastor, or a few leaders, but the entire body itself. This is not just a running diary of events. It is a heart-felt retelling (told in conversational style) of important happenings among the Oak Cliff family over several years. In addition to the “chit-chat,” the book includes a chapter on how the Noahs met (written by their daughter), a memoir by Sister Noah, a farewell column written just before the Noahs retired as pastors, photographs from the 1970s, and an index of names. For those who were members of this well-known church in the Assemblies of God or have some familiarity with the church or any of its members, it will bring to life many interesting happenings from the past.

This is part two in a trilogy of books that center around Oak Cliff Assembly of God in Dallas, Texas (now The Oaks Fellowship). The first book, produced by J. Naaman Hall in 2009, is called “And the Latter Days.” It is an excellent history of Oak Cliff Assembly, not only covering important events, pastors, and people connected with the church, but it also relates to the broader Pentecostal movement.

The third book in the series will include additional historical photographs, along with further stories and memories of people from Oak Cliff’s rich history, culled from the collected volumes of The Old Fashioned Camp Meeting Newsletter, an email newsletter that has gone out to past members of Oak Cliff Assembly for over five years.

Reviewed by Glenn W. Gohr

The first two books in the trilogy are available from: John Hall, 209 North Summit St., Red Oak, Texas 75154:

“And the Latter Days.” Softcover, illustrated, 424 pages. $24.90 (includes shipping).
Chit-Chat. Softcover, illustrated, 392 pages. $25.00 (includes shipping).

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Texas Minister Celebrates Sixty-Five Years of Ministry

Rev. Opal Lesher Hall of Red Oak, Texas, who has been referred to by many as the official poet laureate of Oak Cliff Assembly of Dallas, Texas over the years (so named first by OCAG pastor David Godwin), is celebrating sixty-five years of ministry, and is being honored by the Assemblies of God. She was ordained on July 15, 1943.

On Sunday, June 8, 2008, Dr. Tom Wilson of The Oaks (formerly Oak Cliff) Assembly of God in Dallas, presented Opal Hall with a certificate of appreciation from the General Secretary’s office of the Assemblies of God and a letter from General Superintendent George O. Wood. Here is a copy of the letter:

Dear Sister Hall,

Greetings in the Lord! I recently learned that on July 15, 2008, you will have been an ordained minister for 65 years. That is indeed a milestone that few, if any ever reach. It is a joy for me to take this occasion to salute you for the sterling service you have given to The General Council of the Assemblies of God.

Please accept this letter as a small token of the esteem the General Council has for you for your dedicated and faithful service to the Kingdom of God and the local church. Your ministry represents many years of dedication to the Lord which has contributed to the growth of the Assemblies of God. Your faithful service is deeply appreciated. We esteem you highly!

Jesus told us that the Heavenly Father knows us so intimately that he numbers the hair on our heads. That wonderful word from the Lord tells us that He has watched over the endless hours and days you have served him, and that he will also watch over you in the days to come.

May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
George O. Wood
General Superintendent

Photos: Rev. Opal Lesher Hall receives flowers and congratulations from Dr. Tom Wilson, and a beautiful certificate of appreciation from the General Secretary’s office. In the lefthand photo are Dr. Tom Wilson at the podium, church member Doris McNellis presenting flowers, daughter-in-law Andrea Hall, and Rev. Opal Hall. On the right is Dr. Tom Wilson, with Rev. Opal Hall holding the certificate of appreciation.

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