E. L. Newby: How the Baptism in the Holy Spirit Launched This Assemblies of God Pioneer into Ministry

Newby ELThis Week in AG History — February 5, 1967

By Glenn W. Gohr
Originally published on PE-News, 01 February 2018

Edgar Lee “E. L.” Newby (1889-1978) was an Assemblies of God pioneer in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona. In a 1967 Pentecostal Evangel article, he shared a testimony of how he received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Newby described his experience: “The baptism in the Holy Spirit, which I experienced in 1909, is still a vivid reality to me after more than 57 years.” He noted that he attended revival services held by evangelists Archie and Pearl Adams in his home town of Waurika, Oklahoma. They testified how they had received the baptism in the Holy Spirit themselves just a few weeks earlier.

“As the meetings progressed I developed an intense hunger for the Pentecostal Baptism,” declared Newby. In one of the morning services he heard the evangelist speak a few words in tongues. At the same service, Newby said, “The Spirit of the Lord came upon me also and I began to speak in tongues.”

Here is how he described this experience: “Such a holy quietness, such a flow of joy, such a deep peace possessed me that I have never been able to express it fully.” He said it was “joy unspeakable and full of glory.” His brother-in-law, J. J. Grubbs, also received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at that revival, and both were called to preach the gospel.

Looking back on his life, Newby said, “During these years of ministry I have seen the Lord work in many ways, confirming His Word with signs following.”

His baptism in the Holy Spirit and his call to ministry, both in 1909, led to a lifetime of service in ministry with his wife and four children. In the early years, Newby was an itinerant evangelist, holding meetings in various places in Oklahoma as well as Kingsland, Texas.

He was ordained by the Texas District of the Assemblies of God in 1916 and pastored churches in Electra, Bridgeport, and Wichita Falls, Texas. Then he decided to step out into evangelistic work in Bisby and Douglas, Arizona.

After a few months in Arizona, he returned to Texas and evangelized a while before returning to the church he had previously pastored at Bridgeport. Next he pastored Rosen Heights Assembly in Fort Worth, Texas, where he oversaw the building of a new brick sanctuary in 1927, which was one of four churches he built during the period of 1916-1927.

Newby served as North Texas District superintendent from 1931-1937. He worked as business manager two different times at Southwestern Assemblies of God College (now University) where he gained the reputation of being “a man of wisdom.” He also served as a general presbyter and a district presbyter. He became a recognized leader of the Assemblies of God in Texas and the Southwest.

In later years, he evangelized in Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, and many other places. Evangelism really was his first love. After 61 years of ministry in the Assemblies of God, he passed way in Fort Worth, Texas, on Jan. 13, 1978.

E. L. Newby was an important figure in Assemblies of God circles for over 60 years. His ministry, which impacted countless people, can be traced back to his baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1909.

Read E. L. Newby’s testimony of “The River Still Flows,” on page 7 of the Feb. 5, 1967, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel.

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One response to “E. L. Newby: How the Baptism in the Holy Spirit Launched This Assemblies of God Pioneer into Ministry

  1. Bill Newby

    Uncle Ed, as he was known in the family, was a man of God and a Southern gentleman. I cannot recall hearing one word of criticism about him in the family.
    My dad was named after him and it was a proud name to carry.
    Men of his era and character left a wonderful mark on God’ Kingdom and deeply impacted our lives for the good.
    Bill Newby

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