How Men’s Ministries Helped Evangel Temple (Kansas City, MO) to Grow in the 1930s

Kansas City

This Week in AG History — February 5, 1938

By Glenn Gohr
Originally published on PE-News, 5 February 2016

A. A. Wilson (1891-1984) was an early pastor and district superintendent in the Assemblies of God who had a burden for reaching men with the gospel. Born in New Madrid County, Missouri, he was ordained in 1922. His first pastorate was in Puxico, Missouri. He later served as superintendent of the Southern Missouri District AG from 1926-1931.

While serving as district superintendent, he helped start a church in 1928 which he claimed was the first Assemblies of God congregation in Kansas City. Two years later the congregation asked him to become their full-time pastor, and he ministered there for the next 31 years. While he was pastor, the church changed locations from its original building at 13th and College streets and changed its name from Assembly of God Tabernacle to First Assembly of God.

Wilson gives a glowing report of growth in his church in the February 5, 1938 issue of the Pentecostal Evangel in an article entitled “Pentecostal Men at Work in Kansas City, MO, Taking Men for Christ!” He credits the increases to reaching out to men, who in turn brought their families into the church.

Wilson reports in the article that when he came to Kansas City in April 1930, “The first Sunday we found only about 100 in Sunday school, but seeing the possibilities, we began to work and pray, and as a result the last four Sundays we had an average of 794 and last Easter Sunday more than 1,000 attended.” Wanting to see men involved in the church and Sunday school, he exclaimed, “Much is said concerning women and children in the Sunday school, but God has burdened my heart for men.” He further interjects: “Our Pentecostal Movement cannot achieve its best without reaching men.”

The congregation continued to grow, and in 1941 they were able to move to an even large structure on East 31st Street and eventually to Swope Parkway where the name became Evangel Temple AG. Wilson retired from Evangel Temple (now Evangel Church) in 1961, but continued preaching revivals. In his retirement years he also helped establish Park Crest AG (now Life360 Church) in Springfield, Missouri.

Read the article, Pentecostal Men at Work in Kansas City, MO.” On pages 12, 13, and 16 of the February 5, 1938, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel.

Also featured in this issue:

• “The Spirit-Refined Life,” by Gayle F. Lewis

• “The Gospel Among the Mossi People,” by E. Chastagner

• “The Place of Men in the Work of the Church,” by Ralph M. Riggs

And many more!

Click here to read this issue now.

Pentecostal Evangel archived editions courtesy of Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center.

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2 responses to “How Men’s Ministries Helped Evangel Temple (Kansas City, MO) to Grow in the 1930s

  1. Darrell L Peebles Sr.

    I met Rev. A.A. Wilson (who was often referred to as the “Talking Bible” sometime in the early seventies. I was a young christian seeking to find my way in life. Pastor Wilson befriended me and my family until his passing.
    Pastor Wilson was my friend, my confident, my guide and mentor. I know his prayers of years ago, uttered on my behalf still follow me and are ascending, bombarding heaven for me.

    I will forever cherish the fond memories of Brother and Sister A.A. Wilson and their kindness and Christ like example of their love of a loving God.

    Darrell Peebles
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

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