Autobiography of Canadian Missionary Evangelist John Abraham

Abraham, John. Living in the Supernatural Dimension: Right Choice Now—Best Life Forever. [Laurence M. Van Kleek, Editor]. Bloomington, IN: WestBow Press, 2012.

A new autobiography of missionary evangelist John Abraham, Living in the Supernatural Dimension, shares the story of his worldwide ministry that has extended over six decades. The ministry of Abraham, who is ordained by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, can be divided into two segments: during his first 35 years his focus was in the Western world; during the past 26 years Abraham and his wife, Shirley, have focused on global missions.

Born in Northern Ireland to Plymouth Brethren parents, Abraham was converted to Christ as a child and filled with the Holy Spirit as a teenager. He was personally tutored by renowned Brethren biblical scholar Dr. F. F. Bruce. Since childhood Abraham had a passion to win people to Christ. He was a child preacher and later became loved as a pastor’s pastor around the world.

In one of his many providential “forks in the road” Abraham left Ireland to study in a Pentecostal Bible college in Canada. Upon graduation he became an associate evangelist in the United Kingdom for six years with John Wesley White, who later served as an associate evangelist of Billy Graham. Abraham has a deep passion for the gospel, which he internalized. God has worked throughout Abraham’s ministry through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. From the time that he ministered on the streets of Northern Ireland as a teenager God used John in all of the gifts of the Spirit recorded in 1st Corinthians 12—especially the gifts of healings and the working of miracles.

In one humorous anecdote, Abraham recalled that, after a revival meeting in Southeast Asia, the organizers had to pay a surcharge to a clean-up company, because of the large quantity of crutches, braces and wheelchairs that had been left on the rented field. Abraham noted that all he could do was stand by in amazement and watch the miracles occur.

David R. Wells, General Superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, wrote the preface. Laurence M. Van Kleek served as editor and also wrote the foreword. Living in the Supernatural Dimension is inspiring and challenging Christian reading and will be particularly well-received by charismatics and Pentecostals.

Submitted by Laurence M. Van Kleek, MDIV, MA, MLS
Van Kleek serves as Librarian/Administrator of Summit Pacific College (Abbotsford, BC Canada)

Paperback, 297 pages. $22.95 retail. Also available in hardcover and Kindle. Order from:


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5 responses to “Autobiography of Canadian Missionary Evangelist John Abraham

  1. Dear Abraham , it amazing to talk to you i,m humble before you.i,m from Rwanda In realy we have desire to start new local church so if is possible you may support us we need great room for rent, i believe God will supply us. i look fowrd to hearing from you.jean

  2. John Abraham, thank you for your excellent faith building book Living in the Supernatural Dimension. It was of special interest to me because I also came from a staunch (closed) Plymouth Brethren background. I broke bread with them, and shared in the gospel on Sunday evenings. I now hold ordination credentials with he P.A.O.C. Western Ontario District and have worked for years as a missionary evangelist.

    The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, healing and deliverance, are a big part of my ministry. Yet my early teaching has stood me in good stead. The gospel – 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 – is the heart and soul of my ministry, which is focused on the cross.

    Perhaps someday we will meet and talk!

    By grace alone,
    Donald Hill.

    • Bro Hill,
      Just now found your comment re: the book.
      Thank you! It would be great to chat- anytime ,we have so much in common, it would be a lot of good fun and fellowship.
      Thank you for taking the time to write!
      John A

  3. HI John! I want to read your book. My wife and I are pastoring a French church in Ottawa. How are you? Still active in ministry? I was thinking of you today. Please give me some news. We were at the PAOC School of Missions 25 years ago. 613 266 5272
    Harold & Ruth Sowerby

  4. Hie servant of the most high God ,
    Im pastor Peter , the leading light of Maranatha Pentecost churches of Malawi & Mozambique , i write to comment you for the wonderful work you are doing for our Lord , please continue doing it because this is the best time to preach gospel to all .
    I also humbly request you to come & speak at our 2016 annaul conference , please my nation opens doors for gospel & not minor doors has been opened but gates thrown wide open for gospel because her people are so thirsty & hunger for it .
    Waiting for your kind reply ,
    Pastor Peter

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