Review: Spirit baptism

Spirit Baptism: Understanding Pentecostal Theology, by Verna M. Linzey. N.p.: Xulon Press, 2008.

This book is compiled from excerpts taken from my first book, The Baptism with the Holy Spirit. The excerpts themselves are a myriad of tools, lists, and steps toward gaining understanding of Spirit baptism. These tools are good for lectures, speeches, sermons, church men and women, or a quick resource for students’ theses. The tests at the end of the book should be of great use to gauge one’s understanding of Spirit baptism. It may be especially useful for classroom use.

Placing these tools as a separate volume will make their use much more convenient, making the subject matter of the baptism in the Spirit easier to learn and, perhaps, more intriguing to some. I trust that this present volume will assist preachers and teachers in presenting the baptism in the Spirit in a manner easy for parishioners and students to comprehend.

–From Preface

Softcover, 129 pages. $13.99 retail. Order from:

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