Legacy of Everitt Fjordbak, longtime Dallas pastor

Rev. Everitt M. Fjordbak, longtime pastor of Lakewood Assembly of God in Dallas, Texas, passed away on August 20, 2008 at the age of 87. Originally from Storm Lake, Iowa, he moved to Dallas after his marriage to Mary Annette Tarter. He attended Dallas Theological Seminary and then pastored Lakewood Assembly of God for 36 years. He established Lakewood Productions, a television and video studio which produced teaching tapes for churches and home Bible study groups across the nation. While promoting the cause of Christ, he befriended and counseled a number of local businessmen. He also developed relationships with leaders in the broader evangelical and charismatic community. He felt called not to build buildings or a religious empire, but to be a shepherd to those willing to be led to the Lord. Reaching out to people from all walks of life, his diverse church was the subject of a nationally-aired review by the TV program 60 Minutes and by local publications such as D Magazine and Texas Monthly.

He authored more than 15 books, including a commentary and exposition on the book of Hebrews. He was also an adjunct professor at Christ For The Nations Institute.

One of his passions was Pentecostal history. Having been influenced by many of the founding members of the Assemblies of God, he saw the need to interview many of the pioneer pastors and missionaries in the Assemblies of God before they passed on. Through Lakewood Productions he was able to record testimonies on video of a number of pioneers and church leaders.

In describing the interviews, Fjordbak once said, “These pioneers share both the times of blessings and the nights of great trial, often with tears flowing down their cheeks.” Here is a partial listing of people that Fjordbak interviewed on video tape during the 1980s:

Interviews with early ministers and leaders include Stacy Barham, Betty Baxter, Harald Bredesen, G. Raymond Carlson, Robert C. Cunningham, David du Plessis, William G. Eastlake, Nita Edwards, Alice Reynolds Flower, Joseph R. Flower, David Lee Floyd, Silas Gaither, T. E. Gannon, U. S. Grant, Raymond Hudson, J. B. McMath, Willie T. Millsaps, H. C. Noah, Pauline Parham, Pat Robertson, Leland Shultz, Dollie A. Simms, Hardy Steinberg, C. M. Ward, Bert Webb, Ernest S. Williams, and Thomas F. Zimmerman.

Missionary interviews include Adele Flower, Dalton, Valborg Frandsen, H. B. Garlock, Charles Greenaway, L. Lamar Headley, J. Philip Hogan, Anna Tomaseck, and Louise Jeter Walker.

In 1984, Fjordbak donated 25 of these video interviews to the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center. Then later, in the 1990s, he donated the rest of the interviews and Bible study series that he had in his collection. Segments of some of these interviews are available on the FPHC Video Channel (on YouTube). Other interviews may be viewed at the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center in Springfield, Missouri or ordered through the FPHC website.

After retirement from pastoring, he continued his ecumenical appeal by ministering around the country in pulpits of many denominations.

His funeral took place on Friday, August 20, 2008, with Pastors Michael Hankins, E. Wayne Hanks, and J. Don George officiating.

Also see his obituary in the Dallas Morning News.

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8 responses to “Legacy of Everitt Fjordbak, longtime Dallas pastor

  1. Hildreth Christensen Neely

    My father (Anskov Ditliv Christensen) was a cousin to Benny Fjordbak which would make me a second or third cousin. I met Benny and Emma and some of their children when I was much younger but not sure if I ever met Everitt. However, I certainly grew up hearing about him along with all of the Fjordbaks. Many of dad’s brothers (and sisters, including Margaret) had the middle name Fjordbak. Moving out West as we did we hardly knew some of our cousins and that is too bad, however Norman and his wife visited us in Tacoma, WA. I was named after another Assembly of God evangelist, Hildreth Etheridge who held meetings for my father in Elizabeth, NJ where I was born. She later moved to Oklahoma. Anyway, just wanted you to know that you had distant relatives on the West Coast. I’m sure there is a grand reunion on the other side of all the Christensens and Fjordbaks. Love & Prayers,
    Hildreth Christensen Neely

  2. What a great man of God. He and his books changed our lives. He conducted a revival in Austin, Texas. I purchased all of his books and I remember his prophecies he spoke that week. How I enjoyed the conversations we had. His books are preached by great televangelists. The power of God was so strong during that miracle revival. My family and I are so fortunate to have crossed the path of this wise, holy, kind, and humble man of God. We love him and appreciate him. May God be with his loved ones. 512-989-6773

  3. Jack Bridgman

    I had the priviledge of attending Pastor Fjordbak’s church, Lakewood Assembly, for several years. If there is any description that would be accurate of him, it is that he was a man of God filled with Love. He would stand around after services to befriend anyone and took special interests in young people and those hurting.
    He suggested to me once to practice fellowshipping with the Lord by pulling a chair up next to mine and asking the Lord to have a seat and share what was on His heart.

    When I asked him his experience with discussing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with others who were fundamentalists, he told me that he would say to them, “You’re too late!”

    He was always an advocate of being filled with the Spirit, and encouraged everyone to spend much time in prayer.

    I visited him in his home just a short time before he went home to be with the Lord, and am so grateful that I had the opportunity to say thanks then. He was such a godly example before me, and one which I’ll remember throughout eternity.

    Jack Bridgman, McKinney, Texas

  4. Corey

    My mother, brother, and I attended Lakewood Assembly of God for many years under Pastor Fjordbak. If he were here today, I would thank him for being such a great loving and caring pastor. He would hand me a stick of gum after the sermon. What’s even more amazing is that I remember his sermons, and how good they were even as a child. We sang “How Great Thou Art” it seems like every Sunday, and if there is a man on earth that would be in Billy Graham’s league, it would be him. We were truly blessed to have those years of direction and love.

  5. Greg Austin

    I had the honor of being called to pastor Everitt Fjordbak’s home church in the 1970’s, Truesdale Assembly of God. Pastor Fjordbak’s brother, Dale provided me with Brother Fjordbak’s weekly messages. Looking back now nearly 35 years, I recognize the deep impact that a man from Dallas made on a young and geographically isolated preacher in Iowa.

    Anyone who heard him preach recalls the distinct deep and measured voice with which Pastor Fjordbak spoke. I shall never forget and remain changed by one powerful message preached from the Lakewood pulpit from 1 Cor. 4, “Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.”

    Being able to recall and benefit from specific messages more than 30 years later speaks to a man fully surrendered, a true “servant of Christ” and to the Spirit of God.

    Greg Austin, Seattle, Washington

  6. Robert Satterwhite

    I was doing a search on Pastor Everitt Fjordbak and found this website. Pastor Fjordbak had me make some duplicates of two paintings. The two paintings are of Jesus with a profile of his face, in Pastor’s words, like a flint set for the cross and of Pentecost, where the tongues of fire were falling on those in the upper room. It was his deep desire to duplicate the paintings and share with others. Pastor Fjordbak has past away and his wife, Ann, has asked me to find a way of selling them. The reproduction is of the highest quality that Dallas has to offer in this type of reproduction. Actually maybe in the whole US judging by the work they where doing on other paintings during the time I was working with them on Pastor Fjordbak’s project. Prior to Pastor Fjordbak’s passing he gave two of these reproductions to the Dallas Biblical Arts Museum. According to Pastor’s wife they were very pleased to have these two paintings in there exhibit.
    If you are interested please let me know, all proceeds will go to his wife.

    Thank You
    Robert Satterwhite

  7. Many years ago I went to this man for cancer healing and it did in fact take place and there is no doubt in my mind. I was prayed over and anointed with oil on my forehead in the prescence of the minister’s wife and the assistant minister. I shall never forget how I shook like a tree for just an instant and this was enough for me to leave the church knowing that I had indeed been healed. Later on he married me to Fred Lege of Dallas I only wish that I had told him of the healing. I am now 74 in great health and alive and vital. I was in my early thirties when I came to him. Funny how things work out. I am a metaphysical minister and soon to be trained for Spiritual Direction certification. I look forward to seeing this wonderful man when I cross over! Geneva Lege

  8. David pierce

    I was profoundly effected by brother fjordbak. When No one else encouraged me to follow the lords calling to the ministry, he did. As a result I am an ordained minister with the assemblies of god. I remember his kind voice and his humble yet authoritative manner when dealing with spiritual matters. Reverend David pierce

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