Review: Vinton Huffey Autobiography

Born on the Seventh Day, by Vinton Earl Huffey. Xlibris, 2007.

Reverend Vinton Huffey has lived a life of adventure. Living by faith began when he experienced conversion in a St. Louis, Missouri church at age eighteen. A poor farm boy, he had been riding the rails, a hobo, planning to head north to Alaska, and no one was more surprised than he to find himself called of God to preach the gospel. Despite extreme financial hardship, he attended Central Bible Institute (Springfield, Missouri) and North Central Bible Institute (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and began his life of ministry, marrying Lillian Crouse, a young Assemblies of God evangelist, raising four children, always listening to see where God told him to go next. Reverend Huffey’s gift for storytelling is a mix of American farm wisdom and a long life based on practical and daily faith. Reverend Huffey pastored several churches in Iowa (Oelwein, Le Mars, and Ames) and then moved to southern California where he pastored the Monrovia Assembly of God (now New Life Assembly, Duarte, California) for twenty years. While pastoring, sometimes earning only one dollar a week, he discovered that God had given him the gift of wisdom in business, and as he became wealthy, he pioneered a missionary outreach to America’s inner cities, to communities the church has abandoned, funding some of the work with the money God has given him.

Born on the Seventh Day is a history told in human stories. Ninety-two years old, Huffey takes us to the poignant moments of his youth, and to the funny and impossible moments of life on the Assemblies of God frontier, and to the surprising work of God in one of his servants, a witness to the early years of the movement.

Reviewed by Rhoda Huffey.

Read the article, “The Life and Ministry of Vinton Huffey,” as told to Augustus Cerillo, Jr., Assemblies of God Heritage 27 (2007): 42-46.

Paperback, 81 pages, illustrated. $15.99 plus postage. Order from:

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