Review: From Oslo to Berlin

From Oslo to Berlin! : European Pentecostalism

From Oslo to Berlin! : European Pentecostalism, by Paul Schmidgall. Erzhausen, Germany: Leuchter Publishing, 2003.

From Oslo to Berlin! : European Pentecostalism made its appearance just in time for the Pentecostal European Conference in Berlin during June 2003. As Director of the Church of God’s theological seminary in Germany and as an active participant in the European Pentecostal Fellowship, Paul Schmidgall has insight into past events and present happenings in European Pentecostalism. Due to his personal interaction with European Pentecostal leadership, Schmidgall’s work reflects much depth.

Schmidgall provides a scholarly overview of the historical developments of the Pentecostal movement in Europe on a country by country basis. He also presents current information on contemporary developments that effect Pentecostalism in a very diverse European setting. This book includes important bibliographical and statistical data that will greatly assist those who have a keen interest in Pentecostalism in the European context. At the end of the book there are helpful color maps showing the strength (or weakness) of Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism in Europe. Schmidgall’s book is a good starting point for those who desire a deeper understanding of the Pentecostal movement in any given European country.

Reviewed by Paul Clark, Assemblies of God missionary to Germany

Paperback, 204 pages, illustrated. Also published in German. To order, contact Leuchter Edition.

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2 responses to “Review: From Oslo to Berlin

  1. Today is the first time that I have searched the FPHC web page, so still have lots to learn in how to manipulate the web page. I look forward to finding articles on more of our pioneer preachers who blazed the trail preaching the pentecostal message. I look forward to finding materials from Erling & Pearl Saxelid who left well paying jobs in California in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s moving their family to Western Oklahoma pioneering churches. My wife is a product of their faithful ministry, and she in turn has preached the Pentecostal message for 60 years. They later returned to California pioneering the church near Modesto. They later moved to El Dorado, Ark First Assembly where they pastored until his untimely death of a heart attack. Great Preachers and well loved by so many people. Our stories can run deep about this pioneer husband & wife couple that were faithful until death. God bless the great work that you are doing.

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