Review: Azusa East

The Life and Time of G. B. Cashwell

Azusa East: The Life and Times of G. B. Cashwell, by Doug Beacham. Franklin Springs, GA: LSR Publications, 2006.

“It has long been acknowledged that G. B. Cashwell played a significant role in the spread of the Azusa Street revival across the United States. Coming as he did to Dunn, North Carolina, fresh from the revival in Los Angeles, Cashwell’s message had a powerful impact upon a number of Holiness pastors and congregations. Until now, however, the story of G. B. Cashwell has been largely elusive. We are all in debt to Doug Beacham’s new account of this man and the role he played in taking the revival east. Beacham has unearthed previously unknown sources, which he has skillfully and carefully used to weave the story of Cashwell with color and vitality. Where he lacks the evidence that would clinch his account, he has employed his imagination in ways that are fully consistent with the known facts. I am pleased to recommend this volume to you for study. It goes far in helping us to understand a number of the early developments that took place in the churches that are heirs to Azusa East.” — Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., Fuller Theological Seminary

“We welcome Doug Beacham’s new biography of the man with the wonderful name of Gaston Barnabas Cashwell, whom I long ago dubbed ‘The Apostle of Pentecost to the South.’ Because of his amazing work in 1907-1908, much of the Southern holiness movement was brought into the Pentecostal fold. Cashwell stands in the ranks of C. F. Parham and William J. Seymour as a primary father of American Pentecostalism. Until now, little was known about Cashwell the man, but now the world can appreciate this complex and driven North Carolina Pentecostal Holiness preacher for what he accomplished in such a short time. Azusa East: The Life and Times of G. B. Cashwell is an excellent and well-written biography, which shows the exhaustive research that Beacham did to bring his subject to life. This book should endure as the definitive work on Cashwell’s life for future generations to enjoy.” — Vinson Synan, Regent University

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Doug Beacham is the executive director of World Missions Ministries for the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Paperback, 229 pages, illustrated. $20.00 retail. Order from: LifeSprings Resources

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