Review: The Essential J. Philip Hogan

The Essential J. Philip Hogan

The Essential J. Philip Hogan, edited by Byron D. Klaus and Douglas P. Petersen. Springfield, MO: Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, 2006.

Few missions leaders during the latter half of the twentieth century made a greater impact on the worldwide spread of Pentecostalism than did J. Philip Hogan. Indeed, European Pentecostal leader Peter Kuzmic has deemed Hogan to be “a Churchill in the arena of the post-World War II history of missions” (Wilson, Strategy of the Spirit, p. x). The extent of Hogan’s contributions to Pentecostalism — and by extension, to the broader Christian movement — is only now beginning to be recognized by the scholarly community. Under his leadership as Director of the Division of Foreign Missions (1960-1989), the Assemblies of God grew to be one of the world’s largest associations of national indigenous churches. It is precisely this success that now causes scholars and church leaders to take another look at J. Philip Hogan and to ask how it all happened.

The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, located in Springfield, Missouri, dedicated the J. Philip Hogan Chair of World Missions in 2006. At the same time, AGTS launched the J. Philip Hogan World Missions Series, a book series intended to publish “fresh missiological thinking in the Pentecostal tradition.” It is fitting that the first in this series is a compilation of Hogan’s writings. In The Essential J. Philip Hogan, readers have easy access, for the first time, to his core works.

The Essential J. Philip Hogan begins with a twenty-page biographical sketch, followed by 109 pages of Hogan at his best. His writings are divided into four categories: Missionary Statesman, Missions Strategist, Missions Executive, and Missionary. This volume is a valuable addition to the literature on missiology and could be considered a primary source companion volume to Everett Wilson’s Strategy of the Spirit: J. Philip Hogan and the Growth of the Assemblies of God Worldwide, 1960-1990 (Regnum; Paternoster, 1997).

Reviewed by Darrin Rodgers.

Paperback, 148 pages, illustrated. $5.00 plus postage. Order from: Assemblies of God Theological Seminary Bookstore, 1435 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. Ph. 417-268-1055.

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  1. The abstract and video links make this entry “live”.

    I had the privilege of meeting with J. Philip Hogan on two occasions. The first was an “audience” in his Springfield office in 1981, the second was to “share the platform” with him at ICIU’s missions conference at Brussels in 1987. Both encounters were formative in my life and ministry. The first shifted my perspective of the Great Commission from a “requirement of possibilities” to becoming “the integration of possibilties, values, and activities” in my thinking and exercise of Christian leadership. The second enabled me to accept the contributions I make through preaching and leadership are a “continuity in concert with others”. Both experiences/encounters demonstrated the paradigm of collegeliaty – these impacts from his life for me continue as one of my “existential historic mentors”.

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