Review: The Suffering Body

The Suffering Body

The Suffering Body: Responding to the Persecution of Christians, edited by Harold D. Hunter and Cecil M. Robeck, Jr. Waynesboro, GA ; Milton Keynes, UK : Paternoster Press, 2006.

“Suffering with Christ was not only the experience of the early churches but is that of many churches today. This volume presents up-to-date, global reflections on the different ways in which Christians suffer: from class discrimination to government persecution; from inter-religious conflict to tensions between different Christian groups. With a special focus on Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity, but also bringing perspectives from other Christian traditions into the discussion, this book provides both theological and practical insight.” — Samuel Kobia, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches

“An important and timely publication, the more so because it is edited by leading Pentecostal academics from the USA, where the role of suffering in Christian experience is often ignored and sometimes denied. A comprehensive theological, historical, and socio-political analysis of the role of suffering internationally, this is an important corrective to ‘health and wealth’ gospels and ideologies of power.” — Allan Anderson, Professor of Global Pentecostal Studies, University of Birmingham

Endorsements from book

Harold D. Hunter is the Director of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church Archives and Research Center. Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., an Assemblies of God minister, is Professor of Church History and Ecumenics at Fuller Theological Seminary.

The following essays are included in The Suffering Body:

  • Persecution, Martyrdom, and Christian Self-Definition in the Early Church / Helen Rhee
  • A Spirit Theology of Suffering / Keith Warrington
  • An Anabaptist-Mennonite Theology of Suffering: Some Features / Thomas Finger
  • Christians and Persecution: Making an Appropriate Response / Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.
  • The Scandal and the Glory of the Cross / Archbishop John Onaiyekan
  • Persecution of Christians in the Muslim World / Patrick Sookhdeo
  • An Orthodox Response to Persecution: The Situation in the Middle East / Despina D. Prassas
  • Persecution of the Romanian Church in the Twentieth Century: An Historical and Theological Perspective / Ioan F. Tipei
  • Anatomy of Suffering: Consequences of Persecutions in the Past for the Church in the Post Soviet Era / Valdis Teraudkalns
  • Martyria and Koinonia: Theological Reflections on Some Aspects of the History of Poland / Dariusz Mikolaj Cupial
  • God and Caesar: Church and State Relationships in Communist China / Bob (Xiqiu) Fu
  • Human Rights Violations and the Church in Myanmar / Chin Khua Khai
  • Spiritual Foundations for Interreligious Dialogue and Reflection on its Present-Day Practice / Mons. Felix A. Machado

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