Review: People of the Spirit

The Assemblies of God

People of the Spirit: The Assemblies of God, by Gary B. McGee. Springfield, MO: Gospel Publishing House, 2004.

In this lucidly written volume, Professor McGee traces the emergence, growth, and maturation of the Assemblies of God through a uniquely biographical approach. McGee features the courage and determination of the scores of men and women who have led the A/G, but he remembers too their struggles and occasional foibles. His deft biographical sketches remind us of the Movement’s social and cultural richness, especially the very large number of women who contributed from beginning to end. He reaches beyond the usual lineup of church leaders to include those in a wide range of vocations, including writers, musicians, missionaries, philanthropists, and local pastors. McGee exhibits the journalist’s eye for the telling detail, plus the historian’s sense of how individual lives worked together to create a denominational story larger than the sum of its parts. (from cover)

Reviewed by Grant Wacker, Professor of Church History, Duke University.

Cloth binding, 661 pages (CD included), illustrated. $39.95 retail. Order from: Gospel Publishing House

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