Review: A Faithful Past, A Shining Future

A Faithful Past, A Shining Future

A Faithful Past, A Shining Future: 75 Years of Pentecostal Education at North Central University. Minneapolis, MN: North Central University Press, 2006.

This book aims “to capture memories and events” of North Central University “that have shaped thousands of lives during the last 75 years.” Birthed in 1930 as North Central Bible Institute under the leadership of Frank J. Lindquist, the Minneapolis school has become a leading educational institution within the Assemblies of God and the broader Pentecostal movement. This volume consists of essays, primarily written by alumni, about the school while they were students. While an institutional history of North Central University remains to be written, this book does provide valuable insight into many of the issues and people that made the school what it is today. A Faithful Past, A Shining Future is “must” reading for all NCU alumni and is an important addition to the literature on Pentecostal educational institutions.

Paperback, 198 pages, illustrated. $12.95 plus shipping. Order from: University Bookstore, North Central University, 910 Elliot Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404. Ph. 612-343-7887.

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